Healthy living?
Think bigger!


We are ever more conscious of our health. More and more of us are donning our running shoes or engage in other forms of physical exercise, we are increasingly health conscious in our cooking and eating, we build in sufficient mental rest breaks in order to achieve a healthy balance… All that is of course very good, but one aspect that we often ignore is our home. Yes, is your home a healthy place to live? A strange question? Not if you consider how much time you spend at home.

Perhaps you have just never stopped to think about it, but it is important to understand that healthy living is a matter of creating a healthy environment at home. That means your home needs a pleasant temperature and sufficient natural light, but also sufficient healthy fresh air and a way of eliminating pollution or harmful particles as quickly as possible from your home.

Pollution or harmful particles are present in your home too. Even daily activities like cooking, cleaning, showering and chores, and just sleeping, breathing and sweating release particles that can be damaging to health. Think about how many hours per year you spend in your bedroom, and then consider what kind of air you breathe there. Are the circumstances in your children's study optimal, so that they can concentrate? Is there enough natural light and fresh air, in other words?

You know that a healthy home seems to go without saying, but it doesn't. Fortunately, you can easily do something about it